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Knitting Galore

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned my current preoccupation with knitting on my blog, but I do think it’s one of the reason’s I’m not writing as much. My hands are busy with all that yarn! I finished five projects this … Continue reading

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DIY: A Bonnet for My Bike Basket

I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to riding Betty, my new Globe Daily 2, but I recently realized that my trusty wicker bike basket was scraping the paint off the front fender. (It probably had been doing the same thing to my … Continue reading

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A Beet Grows in Brooklyn

I never thought of myself as having a green thumb, but a few summers ago I realized that the handful of plants I’d inherited over the years were thriving. Just like that, I came to think of myself as a … Continue reading

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Home Remedies for Colds

I’m at home sick today, which is not how I’d prefer to spend my Saturday, but between all of my recent travel, regularly riding the subways, and work stress, it was bound to happen! This morning it occured to me … Continue reading

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Granola Better than Mark Bittman’s

This past weekend I was at home with my parents when my dad started on one of his—and my—favorite activities: making granola. When I say we both love this, I mean him making granola—in the Cassity household, there’s usually only … Continue reading

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