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I help people live out their dreams, whether that means losing weight, finding happiness, or growing an audience for their business or product. My career has spanned industries, but the theme has always been spreading motivation and education about health and happiness through authentic connections. Here are some of my favorite highlights from the past 15 years:

I spoke with Jenna Wolf (and 5 million viewers) on the Today Show while I was an editor at Prevention magazine. (Fun fact: I’ve also appeared as an expert on Good Morning America, Access Hollywood Live, CBS’s The Early Show as well as several regional television programs!)

I organized yoga classes for 400+ people in NYCs Bryant Park for lululemon athletica. (I was in charge of grass roots marketing for the company, often through  relationship building with NYC yoga instructors. My job title was essentially, “professional best friend.”)


I was an editor at magazines including Prevention and Health. I continue to write articles for publications including Real Simple, Shape, Self, Women’s Health, Family Circle, Men’s Health, happify.com, and more. (No, I was never actually on the cover of Prevention–this was a going away gift when I decided to quit my job there and move to Portland!)


Renowned expert Dr. Andrew Weill, MD, reviewed my first book, “Better Each Day: 365 Expert tips for a healthier and happier you. In Dr. Weill’s words, “It’s a rare person who won’t find something useful–even life-changing–in Jessica Cassity’s collection of good ideas.” 


I trained to be an Integrative Health Coach at Duke Integrative Medicine, in Durham, North Carolina. It was at Duke that I learned the power of finding each person’s individual motivation to make change. I’ve since been invited back to mentor another group of coaches, which has been incredibly fulfilling work!


I regularly cheered women on as they tested out the workouts and weight loss programs I wrote about for various articles. I also got to travel to a handful of exotic locations to photograph said workouts. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. (I’m the one with the clipboard, not the one with the 4-foot-long legs!)


I regularly contributed to the New York Times’ (now defunct) gear column: Physical Culture. (This story cost me my media discount at Orvis, but… I was only reporting the facts!)


I led fitness classes at Pilates and yoga studios in New York City. In Portland, I’ve spent a lot of time in the barre3 studios, leading 1-hour workouts for dozens of exercisers each week. I also helped barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln write her book, “Love Your Lower Body.”


I get glowing testimonials from my one-on-one health coaching clients, including  this one: