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Better Each Day: In a Store Near You!

The official publication date for my book, Better Each Day, is November, 2011, but some stores can’t wait to get copies out on their shelves. Check out what I saw while shopping in West Elm yesterday: Pretty cool, right? You … Continue reading

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Cruising Through Forest Park

We’ve been having lovely weather in Portland these last several days. The fall colors are blazing and there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky. On Monday I rode around town on Betty Blue, clocking the time it would take … Continue reading

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Biking in the Rain: Not so bad

Yesterday I inadvertently went out for a ride in the rain. The forecast said it was simply cloudy, but knowing what little I do about Portland, when I went out for a ride I took along a rain jacket. Just … Continue reading

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I Blogged for Chronicle Books!

Hi there! In anticipation of my new book (which is technically available now, but officially comes out in November), Chronicle Books asked me to write a blog for their website. It was a lot of fun to put together. You … Continue reading

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Betty Blue, the Grocery Getter

For my move to Portland I had both of my bikes professionally packaged. My moving company had suggested simply wrapping them in blankets, and that just didn’t seem like a good idea. So I took them to Bicycle Habitat, which … Continue reading

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Portland, Day 4

Hello from Portland! Actually, I arrived here on Monday (after a fun long weekend in Seattle) but have been buried under boxes and Ikea crates for the last several days. I haven’t done anything “fun” in Portland yet, but my … Continue reading

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