Cycle in Style this Summer (without spending a lot of dough)

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a post on Let’s Go Ride a Bike about riding in warm weather. Specifically, what to wear to cycle to work when the heat it’s hot and sticky outside. So, when I hit up the huge REI store in Denver (below) I kept an eye out for quick-dry duds that would look good in the office and be functional on a bike.

I got lucky. Not only did I find two great items, but I found them in the clearance section! (And, they’re on sale online, too!)

First up, the Cassyope skort, from Lole. This skirt is somewhere between an A-line and a pencil skirt. It’s fitted enough that it hugs curves but has enough give (due to the stretchy fabric as well as the subtly widening skirt) that it’s a cinch to cycle in. This morning the skirt hiked up a bit as I sat on the saddle, but with the shorts underneath (made of the same quick-dry, rip-stop material) I didn’t have to think twice. Right now it’s on sale for $49.93.

I also fell for the Horizon Sunnyside Shorts from The North Face. These are made of the same swishy fabric as the skort, and they’re probably better for a summer Friday than a Monday meeting. But the length—rolled up or left down—is right for riding and the fitted legs are quite flattering. And, they’re only $29.93.

I can’t get away with sporty looks every day, so I picked up a pair of shorts at Target and I’m quite happy about them too. I’ve been able to dress them up enough for work by pairing them with breezy blouses and strappy sandals (am still swearing by all of my Danskos). They’re the Merona Bermuda Short—a steal at only $17.99. They’re made of cotton—no quick dry here—but so far they’ve been great for riding!

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One Response to Cycle in Style this Summer (without spending a lot of dough)

  1. Love your selections: Stylish and practical!!!

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