A Walk in the Park, Colorado Style

I’m in Denver for the annual American College of Sports Medicine conference. I’m so psyched to geek out over VO2 max and training techniques! But in preparation for all of these fitness talks I wanted to fit in some fitness of my own. I’ve been in Colorado for the weekend and had a great time visiting friends and cheering on the Bolder Boulder 10K race, but my workout routine has been on pause since Friday so… time to get back to it.

Although beautiful mountain hikes aren’t too far away, I need to be at today’s meetings at around noon, so I asked my host (and sister) if there were any pretty places to walk around her house. She pointed me toward a park and off I went.

The park was super pretty with a big pond in the center.

Fitness walking is always funny for me. I typically get passed on my walk to the subway—by women in heels!—so I really have to remind myself to keep up the pace in order to get a good workout. My ipod helped me to keep up my speed and broke up the walk with some of the moves I’d been doing in bootcamp: Mountain Climbers, Side Planks, Herkies, Grapevines, and Marching on Tip Toes. I also threw in some Triceps Dips on this bench:

Toward the end of the loop I came upon a playground and did a couple of laps on the monkey bars:

On the walk home I started my cool down. It gave me the chance to ogle some of the gorgeous old houses in the neighborhood:

So many gorgeous gardens! Most of the flowers in bloom right now are purple. So pretty! Here’s a digital bouquet straight from Colorado!

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2 Responses to A Walk in the Park, Colorado Style

  1. MC says:

    Outstanding! Love the pictures. Great flowers. Enjoy the mountains.

  2. Katrina says:

    Lovely flowers! So glad you enjoyed my May outfits–and weird that we were both in Denver! I’m that missing that sun and dry heat. Enjoy Colorado!

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